Holistic Expansion

The Holistic Expansion methodology itself has been designed to review in an integrated way the Strategy and Executive Leadership skills, the only two key levers to multiply results in your company

If you are wondering how to get back on a path of positive results, continue to grow, revitalize your company, in short, how to consolidate with an expansive mindset, what you need is to generate a holistic vision, so that nothing detracts value, neither units, nor decisions, nor leadership, but that everything multiplies. Only then will you move towards your business consolidation with an expansive mindset. And what does that mean?


Making things solid, so that the pieces of the company fit together and have a sense of integration. It requires understanding and working the fundamentals of the company together, without cracks, all together. And it is from here that we can generate a Prospective Strategy and a High-Performance Executive Team


The future is sustained in the present and made possible by people, with their skills, their passion, their values, which together we call mindset. A company that has a closed mind and does not want to expand, be it internationally, in portfolio, in business models, in service, in quality... is digging its own grave.


It is necessary for all parties in the company to contribute and multiply in favour of results, also commitment, passion, values and purpose. And that does not come by chance: you must put the necessary vision to make the strategy and the Executive Team develop in an integrated way and be synergistic. We neither want nor can we tolerate that something detracts value from the company.


And the fact is that:

  • · A bad Executive Team can never develop a good Strategy
  • · The best Strategy cannot be implemented by a bad Executive Team.
  • · The best executives will not be successful as a team if they continue to work in silos, are not aligned, and do not understand that they have to holistically integrate the critical aspects of the business.

To be successful, Strategy and Executive Team must be holistic.

The Holistic Expansion methodology is based on my extensive executive experience and holistic integration of the best international practices in terms of Strategy development and Executive Teams.

To make it possible I work as an Executive&Coach&Consultant side by side with the Executive Team.

The 4 steps of the Holistic Expansion methodology:


Brief initial stage to understand where we are and lay the foundations


I work with the Executive Team using best in class approaches to establish:

Strategy: Shared strategic objectives for the consolidation of the expansion-minded company

Leadership: Leadership skills necessary to be developed, both personally and in the Executive Team, to become a High-Performance Team and be able to face future challenges.


Once the objectives have been set, we will do some focused joint work on KSF during several sessions to:

Strategy: Generate a holistic vision shared with the entire Executive Team, jointly reviewing the critical aspects of each of the key areas of the company and decide what should be kept, incorporated or abandoned in a strategic way.

Leadership: Ensure that progress is made in developing the new leadership skills of the Executive Team to transform it into a High-Performance Team


Prospective Strategy development with a holistic vision by the Executive Team already working as a High-Performance Team so that everything multiplies and the company can consolidate with an expansive mentality.

If you want to know more about the Holistic Expansion Methodology just contact me at cintalacasa@cintalacasaandco.com

At times like these, we cannot continue to patch things up or waste time:
Strategy and Executive Leadership must be
reviewed synergistically.

The Holistic Expansion Methodology includes best practices from:

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