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My day to day work as an executive has always been intense, fast-paced, and stimulating.

Esteve Pharmaceuticals was the great company I grew up with and helped grow. Starting with Marketing and going through Industrial Management, Pharmaceutical Innovation Management and PensaDose Management (a worldwide B2B unit), I have thoroughly experienced every corner of a company.

With my fantastic team we always laughed saying that we could write a whole series of books about everything that happened to us!

Every day was of great value.

Cinta La casa sobre mi

Every day was of great value

And the thing is I have enjoyed many great experiences!

  • Being named Great Place to Work in Europe.
  • Winning an award for Industrial Excellence granted by IESE and INSEAD competing with giants such as Seat or Inditex.
  • Bringing innovation to a product with a global impact.
  • Winning lawsuits in the USA and Europe defending our rights against a major multinational.
  • Anticipating the 2008 crisis with MesFutur, a cost optimization program that allowed us to keep clients, businesses, and many jobs.
  • Generating high-value relationships with clients and partners around the world (India, China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Azerbaijan ...)

We also had to deal with mass layoffs. It was one of the worst emotional experiences I have ever had but considered necessary in the face of a deep crisis. We managed it well, we moved ahead, and we grew again!

I was happy with "my" clients, "my" projects, "my" ideas ... "my" great team! And I say "my" because I experienced them intensely, but the value came from the team, their creativity, their positivity, their effort, their great commitment. Only with a great team can you achieve great things!

Only with a great team can you achieve great things!


My training, both scientific as a pharmacist and in business with an MBA, together with my transversal experience gave me a privileged position from which to strategically understand all areas of a company.

In addition, over the years I had incorporated the other key business factor: strengthening the team and keeping it aligned.

It was clear to me that by working holistically with strategy and executive leadership we could multiply results! And I tried to put it into practice in my day to day life and to promote it in the whole team.

How many companies are there with great talent that is wasted, energy wasted on internal battles, time spent training junior consultants, viewpoints of executives so biased that they detract more value than they add...

How much energy is expended when an executive team does not know how to work as a team and does not have a good strategy! It often leads to outside consultants coming in with a PowerPoint and pointing out what to do.

But a PowerPoint can hold anything, whereas a company doesn't!

I was focused on bringing out the maximum potential by working holistically with Strategy and Executive Leadership. And I gave the external consultants the role of companions on this journey, not that they would not tell us what to do!

Little by little, a clear vocation emerged in me that was confirmed when I worked on the Board of Directors or as an Advisor: I wanted to contribute with all my experience to businessmen and executives in Catalonia and around the world. I wanted to be able to convey this holistic way of running a company to help unleash its full potential and multiply results.

I had to take the step forward, get out of my complacent comfort zone where I could have remained, to launch myself on a new professional adventure. It was not easy to "leave everything behind" and start over, from scratch.

But energy and enthusiasm propelled me forward!

When you are an entrepreneur like me, the desire to enjoy adding value overrides security. And that's how after 30 years of experience I decided that I wanted to close a fantastic stage as an executive to open another with the same energy and enthusiasm, but a new vocation: to add value to entrepreneurs who want to work holistically on strategy and executive leadership, so that nothing detracts value and they can multiply the results of the company.

During the lockdown because of Covid I saw that to be able to carry out this monitoring in the most efficient way possible, it would be highly valuable to have a structured methodology. And that is how I designed my own innovative Holistic Expansion methodology, in which I integrate the best international practices in strategic development and executive leadership.

And now my passion is to make it come alive in the companies and organizations with which I work, in any field and sector.

To Help multiply results while enjoying the work: my great passion now is to be at your service.

I have studied at


Francisco Navarro

Former Pensa-Pharma General Manager

What I have valued the most in the almost 30 years that I have collaborated closely with Cinta is that, apart from being a good person and friend, she is a tireless, tenacious, fighter, very powerful in terms of strategy. And with a great ability to handle crises. She has a lot of initiative and leadership skills, caring for her team both personally and its overall performance. Her holistic combination of strategic vision and leadership means that she knows how to successfully undertake unique projects of high value for the company.

Girish Chandrashekhar

Vice-President – Head of Global Business Development at Oman Pharmaceuticals

Cinta is a great and proven leader, visionary and mentor who powerfully combines persistence, wisdom, fairness, and empathy with exceptional team building skills. She has a unique skill of supporting and developing talents at all levels in an organization and is passionate about formulating strategies and its successful execution. I had the privilege of working closely with Cinta during her tenure with Esteve and found her as among the most accomplished and business-oriented leaders I have ever met.

Salvador Maneu

Director General de Sant Joan de Déu Serveis Socials de Barcelona

Since 2017, Cinta Lacasa has been accompanying us in the most important moments of Sant Joan de Déu Social Services. From the genesis of the strategic plan to its approval and subsequent review. With a close, discreet, respectful, and empathetic style, she has managed to connect with our trajectory, our concerns, and our desires. Her contribution has been key at times when critical decisions had to be made. Her sensitivity to people at risk of social exclusion and her personal and professional commitment to offering future opportunities for all are also remarkable. In summary, Cinta Lacasa has made a significant, outstanding, and unique contribution to our organization.

Allison Dean

Spotlight member

‘The actions taken have had an immediate and positive impact on my life, and I feel more resilient as a result of working with Cinta Lacasa, whom I found warm, friendly, positively challenging and supportive - a delight to meet.’

Dr. Antoni Esteve

Founder and President of AdSalutem, former President of Esteve Pharmaceuticals

My experience working side by side with Cinta for nearly thirty years has been very enriching. First of all, there is quantity: personally I consider myself a person dedicated and committed to my work responsibilities but, on occasions, it is necessary not to lose the sense of efficiency, that is, to know how to balance the ability to act, the effectiveness, with the desired result in terms of performance. Well, as simple as this may seem, the magic of achieving the balance between responsibility and efficiency is something that not all of us manage well: how wonderful to have someone like Cinta who gives you this fifth sense, it changes your life! Second, but no less important, quality: you cannot do things right if you haven't had the opportunity to experiment, learn, manage, lead, achieve, succeed and fail! It is called experience. Having danced in any type of terrain, with a variety of music and rhythms, and of orchestra partners: Cinta, you have shown a willingness to learn, to listen, to look, to observe and to give an opinion. You have done it with modesty, you have learned a lot, and not only do you not go out of tune, but you master your own life. Again, how lucky to have you around! Added to the quantity and quality of Cinta's know-how, as essential values on her professional side, I cannot spare praise for her personality, full of tenderness, closeness, generosity, loyalty, and great sensitivity. What a great pleasure to be able to enjoy your company! I am very honored to be a huge fan of Cinta! We have had about thirty years working together, and here is to a great future ahead! Toni

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