If not everyone or everything adds value to your company and you do not want to carry on like this

Untap your company’s maximum potential

In today’s environment, we must not simply patch things up or waste our time: we must review and integrate the Strategy and the Executive Leadership skills, the only two key levers

to multiply results


Make everything and everyone add value. In your company there is a lot of unused potential to consolidate with an expansive mindset: untap this by overcoming the limits that held you back in the past.


Adopt a holistic vision. With a global vision and without putting patches, work the two key levers to multiply results: Strategy and Executive Leadership.


Opt for maximum effectiveness. Do not waste your time. With my own Holistic Expansion methodology, from day one you will multiply the results through the synergies created between a strategic way of thinking and an aligned executive team.

I am Cinta Lacasa

After 30 years of experience I decided that I wanted to close a great phase as an executive to open a new one with the same energy and passion but a different mission: to bring value to companies and executives who want to work the strategy and the executive leadership in a holistic way so that everything adds value and multiplies the results of their company.

This vocation has led me to design the Holistic Expansion methodology, in which I have integrated the best international practices in strategic development and in executive leadership abilities. It is applicable to any sector and company profile.

Holistic expansion

My own methodology to allow you to multiply your company results

I have designed the Holistic Expansion methodology to support companies on the road to achieving consolidation with a true expansive mindset. We will reach the perfect holistic integration of a prospective Strategy and an efficient Executive Leadership. This will allow your company results to be multiplied from day one. With my work method you will be able to untap your company’s maximum potential to multiply results by:

  • Consolidating the company with an expansive mindset
  • Accelerating growth with a tailor-made prospective strategy
  • Working with the Executive Team to become high performing

Professional Experience

Executive Experience

Board of Directors

I Cooperate with

I have studied at


Francisco Navarro

Assessor, former PensaPharma General Manager

Girish Chandrashekhar

Vice-President – Head of Global Business Development at Oman Pharmaceuticals

Salvador Maneu

Director General de Sant Joan de Déu Serveis Socials de Barcelona

Allison Dean

Spotlight member

Dr. Antoni Esteve

Founder and President of AdSalutem, former President of Esteve Pharmaceuticals

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